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A healthy, manicured landscape is more than just an artful expression; it can be a calling card for your business, one that emphasizes your attention to details, delivery, and presentation. After hearing MKT Landscaping describe grass with such conviction, our company was thrilled to partner with them to make the green grow inside their business by opening up their cash flow. The health of business systems & processes determines the wealth of a business. Becoming a healthy business increases cash flow & market share.

K. Mays Consulting identified at least three process performance issues that were costing MKT Landscaping money. 

“Our billing process was an all-day thing until Kenya sat down and showed how we were losing money working on an old system. She provided a system that automated the process for invoicing and taking our payments. Our customers were happy with our new ways of offering payments.

We consistently meet our goal of adding and keeping several monthly clients. We have a profit plan for our company to focus on and know exactly what to offer and how many contracts needed to attain the goal

We’ve increased our market share with commercial clients and gained a variety of new contracts.

My goal of adding and keeping a number of clients in a month has been set. I have a profit plan for our company to focus on and know exactly what to offer and how many contracts needed to attain the goal


Systems Audit

Automation Accelerator

Profit Plan


Profit Plan

Automation Accelerator

Align Your Operations

I am so beyond blessed to have Kenya as my mentor. She has guided my business into the direction in which it's been all gas and no brake. She has been that accountability partner that I needed, and most of all someone I can call my friend.

A saturated beauty market is likely the last place a new business owner wants to risk it all with a new venture. Mikeisha Grant knew what she wanted to do with her beauty interest and esthetician skills, but watching other businesses start, peak, and fail; she soon came to realize that dreams don’t guarantee success the strategies do.


So, she hired a strategist and received more than what she expected.


K. Mays Consulting developed a profit plan after assessing ways for My Keisha Beauty to package and upsell services and products to clients.

“I secured a partnership with a company to brand my lash products.

I had the vision and just needed the support and direction to bring it to fruition.”


 I have not only made additional income in my business, but I have saved so much more. I have a back end system and time management processes in place that benefit my customers.”

Working with Kenya Mays Consulting has saved us money and time. She was able to look into our company and show us different ways to save as well as open our eyes on the part of the market we were missing.

Kenya, thank you so much for all you do for me and my business. From your encouraging words, helping me create a process, saving my money, and setting up my automations. You have truly blessed my business beyond what I could have imagined. I'm so happy your my mentor!

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